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Boat Crane

Boat crane is the important boat lift product in lifting equipment market. It can help the workers how to transfer and lift various boats and ships. In addition, the special lift equipment has different tons and types. Our boat crane can help operator deal with different weight of boat or yacht from the onshore. It can also used for the other different occasions and wide applications.

Our product adopts many advanced technologies to design the high quality model and structure. Our products are the one of the best brand for boat cranes in market. Owing to reasonable price and convenient transportation, it can help many customers ave more investment for the crane.

excellent boat crane for sale
Professional Boat Crane For Sale
  • Lifting capacity: 10-1200t
  • Span length: 6.5m-25m
  • Lifting speed: 0-3m/min
  • Travelling speed: 0-40m/min
  • Operation mode: cabin/remote control
  • Working class: A6-A8
  • Customized service

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Investment Value and Wide Applications of Boat Crane

For many customers’ shipyards or boats, it has high investment value and wide applications. Boat cranes can be called mobile boat hoist and mobile boat hauler or boat travel lift. No matter what is this about boat crane name, they will help the clients work in various sites including ship, boat, shipyard, dock, vessels or other work places.

For some requirements, we can design some new change to make it perfect in operation. If you want to operate crane traveling, you need choose our products about boat cranes. It can move or change the direction according to the customers’ requirements. For some special needs, it can adjust the the reasonable direction position to lift the equipment.

In addition, it has strong durability and long service life. However, the type has low price and reasonable operation. Good performance comes from excellent design and professional knowledge. Our firm and our group have the abundant experience to design the high quality products. If you are interested in the product, please contact us as soon as possible.

boat crane for sale
Good Boat Crane For Sale

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Some Main Structures of Boat Crane

The main structure of the machine includes the hooks, electric control system, hoisting mechanism, steering devices, open arm structure type, and other structures. It can help the people transfer the boat and ships according to different height and width. It adopts the soft and firm belt and slings to lift our products. In addition, it can avoid other risks and damage.

One the one hand, it ensures the excellent performance and strong safety for boat cranes. It can be used in small or large boats, ships, maintenance, and repair projects. If you choose the electric control system, you can travel along the dock by operator with safety and reliability.

As we know, the high quality crane can work together with other cranes of types or lifting equipment. If you want to protect or maintain your ships, you need the famous brand to choose. Our products are your best choice. As for long time, we are committed to research and develop the various marine travel lift in order to convenient applications about lifting products.

good boat crane for sale
High Quality Boat Crane

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High Standard and High Quality Boat Crane from Our Company

Our high quality boat crane machine in China has exported to many countries and regions from all over the world. There are various tons of boat crane in our company like 25 ton type, 50 ton type, 100 ton type, and more different tons. In addition, it has good performance and strong structure. In addition, it adopts many advanced technologies to design the high quality products. The tens of tons of yachts or boats are easily lifted by the beautiful crane from our company.

Of course, it has many advantages with perfect for forward, backward, oblique, in-situ steering, advanced steering, front swing, rear swing, synchronous lifting, lifting point adjustment, etc., which can solve all kinds of difficulties in the maintenance and handling of the yacht or boat. Through long-term research and development, it has various movement models and  flexible and convenient structure design.

good boat crane from supplier
Standard Boat Crane From Good Supplier

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Many Advantages of Boat Crane from Professional Supplier

The high quality boat crane from our factory is a wheeled walking device used for maintenance and lifting of ships such as boats or yachts. It can realize a variety of actions, with safety and reliability, flexible movement, high work efficiency, beautiful appearance, and mastered the core hydraulic and electronic control technology.

The excellent machine adopts advanced design methods such as three-dimensional design, force analysis and simulation movement, which shortens the design cycle and ensures the design accuracy. It uses the first-class brand accessories at home and abroad to strictly regulate the installation process, so that the boat crane can achieve high requirements of many customers with high quality and standards.

Excellent Boat Crane for Sale

Boat crane is the important and special crane for lifting boat or yachts in various occasions. High efficiency can help the operators save more labor and reduce cost. In addition, we can provide the customers with various types and tons. If you are interested in our products, please contact us as soon as possible. For many customers, reasonable price is very important and high quality structure can help them deal with various problems.

If you are interested in our boat crane, you can consult our staffs or you can directly email us or call us. We have the rich experience about designing and manufacturing boat crane. Of course, if you have time, you can come the beautiful China to visit our factory. There are various boat cranes and other travel lifts like portable boat hoist, mobile boat lift, heavy duty boat hoist, light duty boat hoist, etc. Welcome to contact us as soon as possible.

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