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Aimix Group is one of the manufacturer and supplier of travel lift in China, we have rich experience and long history. With the development of technology and society, our travel lifts are very popular from all over the world. In addition, our high quality products have exported to many countries and regions. There are mobile boat hoist and portable boat lift, marine travel lift and so on. In addition, according to different tons, there are some different tons including 20 ton travel lift, 30 ton travel lift, 50 ton travel lift, 100 ton travel lift, 200 ton travel lift, 500 ton travel lift, and more tons. If you want to customize the travel lift, we can meet your requirements.

Travel lift has many advantages including large lifting capacity, large working space, high utilization rate of freight yard area, less capital investment and low operating cost. In recent years, our company relies on more than 300 scientific research teams to establish postdoctoral research stations, provincial enterprise technology centers, and cranes. In addition, our firm still builds quantify engineering and research centers and other innovative research and development platforms to complete a variety of science and technology projects. In the future development, our team will continue to work hard in technological innovation, research and development platform construction, personnel training, etc., which increase innovation and investment. we focus on the transformation of innovation results and play an exemplary role in technological advancement in the industry.

According to customers’ different requirements, we improve many traditional machines and equipment. Innovation products enhance entire operation about travel lift. For different boats or yachts, we have many different types and tons. Of course, when you need the right one, you can consult our staffs to get the right size and pick the best travel lift which is suitable for you boat. No matter what your order is large or small, we will give the reasonable price. If you have spare time, welcome to China and visit our factory that designs and manufactures the professional travel lifts.

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